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ORA-15032和ORA-15075: disk(s) are not visible cluster-wide

时间:2017-02-17  来源:未知  作者:linuxsir首页


SQL> alter diskgroup data add disk '/dev/rhdisk12';

alter diskgroup data add disk '/dev/rhdisk12'
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-15032: not all alterations performed
ORA-15075: disk(s) are not visible cluster-wid

看一下 ORA-15032 和ORA-15075 的错误解释

[Oracle@mhxy162 ~]$ oerr ora 15032

15032, 00000, "not all alterations performed"
// *Cause: At least one ALTER DISKGROUP action failed.
// *Action: Check the other messages issued along with this summary error.
[oracle@mhxy162 ~]$ oerr ora 15075
15075, 00000, "disk(s) are not visible cluster-wide"
// *Cause: An ALTER DISKGROUP ADD DISK command specified a disk that could
// not be discovered by one or more nodes in a RAC cluster
// configuration.
// *Action: Determine which disks are causing the problem from the
// GV$ASM_DISK fixed view. Check operating system permissions
// for the device and the storage sub-system configuration on
// each node in a RAC cluster that cannot identify the disk.
ORA-15075  提到'Check operating system permissions for the device' ,可以通过gv$asm_disk 查看。记得修改/dev/rhdisk12文件的属组为grid:oinstall

ls -l /dev/rhdisk12
crw-------    1 grid    oinstall    24, 12  8月23 15时06 /dev/rhdisk12

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