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Kubernetes 1.8.9-beta.0 和 1.8.8,容器集群管理系统

时间:2018-02-10  来源:未知  作者:admin666

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容器集群管理系统发布了 1.8.9-beta.0 和 1.8.8 版本,1.8.8 有以下值得关注的更新:

Configurable etcd quota backend bytes in GCE (#59259, @wojtek-t)

Cluster Autoscaler 1.0.4 (#59271, @mwielgus)

Prevent kubelet from getting wedged if initialization of modules returns an error. (#59020, @brendandburns)

Updates Calico version to v2.6.7 (Fixed a bug where Felix would crash when parsing a NetworkPolicy with a named port. See (#59130, @caseydavenport)

Configurable etcd compaction frequency in GCE (#59106, @wojtek-t)

[GCE] Apiserver uses InternalIP as the most preferred kubelet address type by default. (#59019, @MrHohn)

Updated priority of mirror pod according to PriorityClassName. (#58485, @k82cn)

Fix kubelet to correctly umounts mount points for glusterfs when transport endpoint is not connected and nfs when there is a stale file handle (#58660, @humblec)

Detach and clear bad disk URI (#58345, @rootfs)

Expose Metrics Server metrics via /metric endpoint. (#57456, @kawych)

Access to externally managed IP addresses via the kube-apiserver service proxy subresource is no longer allowed by default. This can be re-enabled via the ServiceProxyAllowExternalIPs feature gate, but will be disallowed completely in 1.11 (#57265, @brendandburns)

Add apiserver metric for number of requests dropped because of inflight limit. (#58340, @gmarek)

Add apiserver metric for current inflight-request usage. (#58342, @gmarek)

Update Calico version to v2.6.6 (#58482, @tmjd)

Correctly handle transient connection reset errors on GET requests from client library. (#58520, @porridge)

Fixes an issue where the resourceVersion of an object in a DELETE watch event was not the resourceVersion of the delete itself, but of the last update to the object. This could disrupt the ability of clients clients to re-establish watches properly. (#58547, @liggitt)

Fix a bug affecting nested data volumes such as secret, configmap, etc. (#57422, @joelsmith)

Fix garbage collection and resource quota when the controller-manager uses --leader-elect=false (#57340, @jmcmeek)

Fixed encryption key and encryption provider rotation (#58375, @liggitt)

查看 kubernetes-announce@ 和 以了解详细信息。

此外,v1.9.4-beta.0 和 v1.9.3 也已发布。