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Inferno v4 正式发布,JavaScript 用户界面库

时间:2018-02-13  来源:未知  作者:admin666

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Inferno v4 版本已发布,该版本对项目过程逻辑进行了重写,并新增了一些新特性:

{Inferno.createPortal(vNode, DOM)} can be used to render vNode to external location in DOM

Router has been updated to v4 to match React Router v4 API

Mobx and Redux integrations have been ported to the latest version

new VNodeFlag ReCreate has been added. It can be used to always re-create element instead of diffing it.

defaultHooks has been added to Functional Components

Inferno now supports IE9+ without polyfills reducing

Inferno size has been reduced to 7.8kb gzip including the ES2015 Component!

Small performance improvements

function Static() {
    return <div>1</div>;}

Static.defaultHooks = {
    onComponentShouldUpdate() {        return false;

export const Com = Static;

TouchEvents are now part of Synthetic event system


Inferno 是一个极其快速,类似 React 的 JavaScript 库,用于构建现代用户界面。