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Hexchat 2.14.0 发布,开源 IRC 客户端

时间:2018-03-12  来源:未知  作者:admin666

阿里云高性能云服务器,2折起! >>> >>>  

Hexchat 2.14.0 发布了。Hexchat 是一种可以运行在 Windows、Linux 和 Unix 上的开源 GTK + IRC 客户端。HexChat 基于 XChat 开发,但 Hexchat 在任何平台上都是完全免费的。


rewrite build system in Meson

replace intltool build depenency with gettext >= 0.19.6

rename data files to use io.github.Hexchat name

add option (irc_reconnect_rejoin) to disable auto-rejoin on reconnect

add ability to set custom tray icon separate of app icon

fix building against OpenSSL 1.1.0

fix Enchant 2.0+ support

fix input box theming with Adwaita-dark

fix custom sounds not respecting omit if away option

fix detecting if a tray doesn’t exist on x11

fix cutting off ctcp text after ending \01

fix /ignore not accepting full hosts

fix characters getting cut off when their width changes (on Unix)

fix various possible crashes

change preference window to be scroll-able

remove ctrl+w binding by default

remove mpcinfo plugin

doat: fix channels with / in them

fishlim: fix key exchange

fishlim: fix building against LibreSSL

sysinfo: fix pci.ids file not being found on some distros

sysinfo: make libpci optional

lua: avoid loading the same script multiple times

update translations

update libraries on Windows, including Python to 3.6

详情请查看 ChangeLog


Source code (zip)

Source code (tar.gz)