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Istio 0.6.0 发布,大型微服务系统管理平台

时间:2018-03-13  来源:未知  作者:admin666

阿里云高性能云服务器,2折起! >>> >>>  

Istio 0.6.0 发布了。Istio 是一个由谷歌、IBM 与 Lyft 共同开发的开源项目,旨在提供一种统一化的微服务连接、安全保障、管理与监控方式。Istio 项目能够为微服务架构提供流量管理机制,同时亦为其它增值功能(包括安全性、监控、路由、连接管理与策略等)创造了基础。

这款软件利用久经考验的 Lyft Envoy 代理进行构建,可在无需对应用程序代码作出任何发动的前提下实现可视性与控制能力。Istio 项目是一款强大的工具,可帮助 CTO/CIO 们立足企业内部实施整体性安全、政策与合规性要求。



Custom Envoy Config. Pilot now supports ferrying custom Envoy config to the proxy. Learn more

Mixer adapters

SolarWinds. Mixer can now interface to AppOptics and Papertrail. Learn more

Redisquota. Mixer now supports a Redis-based adapter for rate limit tracking. Learn more

Datadog. Mixer now provides an adapter to deliver metric data to a Datadog agent. Learn more


Separate Check & Report Clusters. When configuring Envoy, it’s now possible to use different clusters for Mixer instances that are used for Mixer’s Check functionality from those used for Mixer’s Report functionality. This may be useful in large deployments for better scaling of Mixer instances.

Monitoring Dashboards. There are now preliminary Mixer & Pilot monitoring dashboard in Grafana.

Servicegraph Visualization. Servicegraph has a new visualization. Learn more.

Liveness and Readiness Probes. Istio components now provide canonical liveness and readiness probe support to help ensure mesh infrastructure health. Learn more

Egress Policy and Telemetry. Istio can monitor traffic to external services defined by EgressRule or External Service. Istio can also apply Mixer policies on this traffic.




Source code (zip)

Source code (tar.gz)