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Teiid 9.2.1 发布,数据虚拟化系统

时间:2017-03-15  来源:未知  作者:linuxsir首页

Teiid 9.2.1 发布了,本次更新修复了 18 个问题。

[TEIID-4765] - The notion of resolving order may need to be extended beyond a schema

[TEIID-4788] - DDL vdb is expensive to process

[TEIID-4809] - lob performance issues

[TEIID-4770] - The convert script generates empty GRANT statements for roles that don't have permission to access a certain schema.

[TEIID-4771] - The convert script generates GRANT TEMPORARY_TABLE ON DATABASE statements but these fail.

[TEIID-4774] - Convert VDB utility does not work when translator overrides are present

[TEIID-4776] - Issues with array type metadata

[TEIID-4783] - missing message keys for functions

[TEIID-4785] - Add options through alter table in DDL does not work.

[TEIID-4791] - Bypass lookup function's keycolumn reserved word

[TEIID-4797] - Oracle: empty catalog messed up VDB schemas name

[TEIID-4807] - DDL format of a vdb lacks import information

[TEIID-4652] - SybaseIQ translator: DAYOFYEAR function not pushed correctly

[TEIID-4653] - SybaseIQ translator: Input parameter not set in prepared statement in source command

[TEIID-4775] - External materialization, after transaction timeout, LoadState continues to be LOADING

[TEIID-4778] - External Materialization, When TTL is less than loading time, the scheduling is off

[TEIID-4780] - Clone TEIID-4734 (Backwards compatible solution)

[TEIID-4782] - Change framework to catch RutineException from translator/connector

注意,其中几个与新的 DDL vdb 功能相关 - 感谢 Bram Gadeyne 的初步反馈。此功能将继续发展,即使在 9.2.x 中,以保持与 9.3.x 的向前兼容性。

Teiid 9.2.2 应在 3-4 周内可用。