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Apache Qpid JMS 0.21.0,Java Message Service 客户端

时间:2017-03-16  来源:未知  作者:linuxsir首页

Apache Qpid JMS 0.21.0 发布了,Qpid JMS 是一个使用 Qpid Proton 协议引擎的 Java Message Service 客户端。.

该版本支持 Advanced Message Queuing Protocol 1.0 (AMQP 1.0, ISO/IEC 19464,。


QPIDJMS-244 - Connection close does not wait for acknowledgement of in-flight message delivery with asyncronous auto-ack MessageConsumer

QPIDJMS-258 - Reduce the amount of allocation done in the consumer on async message dispatch

QPIDJMS-267 - Support discovery of failover hosts provided in a connection property of the Open frame

QPIDJMS-270 - update to proton-j 0.18.0

QPIDJMS-271 - Cache transaction state dispostions for TXN producers and consumers

Bug 修复

QPIDJMS-231 - closing a consumer used since prior commit/rollback holds its prefetched messages until the next commit/rollback

QPIDJMS-256 - Closing a consumer that was used in a transaction does not stop message dispatching unitl next commit or rollback

QPIDJMS-257 - Messages delivered from a consume in client acknowledge mode cannot be acknowledged after the consumer is closed

QPIDJMS-266 - Race on session start and message dispatch can deliver messages in wrong order

QPIDJMS-269 - Performance regression affecting MessageProducer on transacted Sessions.

QPIDJMS-272 - fail fast when attempting connection to a server using unexpected protocol type


QPIDJMS-262 - Update ActiveMQ Dependency to latest 5.14.3

QPIDJMS-268 - Update Netty to 4.1.8.Final

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