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DBeaver 4.0.3 发布,数据库管理工具

时间:2017-03-20  来源:未知  作者:linuxsir首页

DBeaver 4.0.3 发布了,是 4.0 系列的稳定版本。更新列表如下:

SQL editor: context tooltips (F2) + database help system integration

Database data transfer wizard was fixed (tables/columns mapping)

Drivers download dialog was fixed

Query manager view UI improved (columns sorting)

Maven repositories switched to SSL versions

Exasol: statements execution performance was improved

Exasol: LUA scripts, functions

Oracle 8 and 9i support has been improved

Oracle: sequence manager was added (create/drop/alter)

HSQLDB extension was added (views, procedures source, sequences)

Hive: table data viewer/exporter fix. Array data type support.

Hive Spark driver configuration added

DB2 for z/OS: error message extraction config

A lot of minor UI fixes/improvements

All national localizations were disabled



DBeaver 是一个通用的数据库管理工具和 SQL 客户端,支持 MySQL、 PostgreSQL、 Oracle、DB2、MSSQL、 Sybase、Mimer、HSQLDB、Derby, 以及其他兼容 JDBC 的数据库。DBeaver 提供一个图形界面用来查看数据库结构、执行SQL查询和脚本,浏览和导出数据、处理BLOB/CLOB 数据、修改数据库结构等等。